Driving home the fact that they are the cutest boy band on the planet, One Direction sat down with 'Daybreak' in Australia to chat about their world travels, their tattoos and their moms. So. Precious.

When their interviewer asked about the band's recent trip to Ghana, for which they received some not necessarily warranted backlash, the boys couldn't have been kinder or more humble about the experience.

"We all kind of went out there not really knowing what to expect," Harry Styles said. "And then all came back kind of looking at each other going, 'That was the best thing we've ever done.' It was amazing."

Louis Tomlinson quipped, "I was very surprised -- pleasantly -- by the spirit of the people there. Just so smiley, and everybody waves -- I mean, if you walk down the street in London and wave to everyone, you get a funny look, like you're a weirdo." Zayn Malik explained that it was a refreshing escape from first world problems. "It really put things into perspective for me. In everyday life we have these little problems that we think are so major, and then you go over there and see people actually dealing with real problems, and just have to carry on every day and keep going," he said.

The band explained that they prefer traveling together on their bus than solo in private jets (good thing Hazza doesn't need to do that anymore) and that they're pretty nervous to perform at the Brits, because they're intimidated to share the same stage as Beyonce!

As for the rumors of 1D moving to L.A.? Don't get too excited, California girls. "Not true," Tomlinson said. "I think someone just sits down and says, 'What can I make up?'"

in regards to their ample ink, the guys have stopped counting their tattoos, and Liam Payne admits that one person in particular isn't a fan. "My mum's not crazy about the whole tattoo idea," he said. While Simon Cowell hasn't scolded the boys on their body art, Malik said their mothers aren't fans.

Speaking of maternal units, they said their proud mamas probably would never come onstage with them, but that they do love seeing them at their shows. Malik said it's "really nice" to see them and Niall Horan enthused, "At Madison Square Garden, they had their own box!" Payne added, "My mom just cries all the time. She literally has not stopped crying the last two and a half years."

Tune into the clip above to find out the theme song to their lives, the cutest things a fan has ever done for them and even Liam Payne's first love. Aw!