Oh Twitter, you can be a brutal mistress. There was a bit of a One Direction Twitter controversy, or "drama," earlier today (March 25) regarding the deletion of a "vintage" tweet between Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. Additionally, Liam Payne recently addressed media comments that he is "fat." 

FIrst things first. Directioners were mad about a bromantic tweet between LT and Hazza aka Larry Stylinson. It was a sweet tweet, one that made fans think these two are the tightest members of 1D. The deletion sent fans in an uproar, thinking management deleted it to squash any possible too-close-for-comfort rumors about the nature of the boys and their personal relationships.

Some fans thought the initial, innocent enough tweet indicated that there was a "thing" of some sort between LT and Hazza and that their team wants to dispel that idea.

Fans took screenshots of the tweet, which was first posted back in 2011, before it went buh-bye. We don't know who deleted it; management could have had nothing to do with it at all.

Below is the deleted tweet.

It was not a big deal, but it became one.

According to Entertainment Wise, the Directioners got the #HarryYouAreStillInLouisHeart hashtag to trend.

When Directioners have a mission, they make it work, we will give 'em that much. But ease up, guys! A deleted tweet is not that big of a deal or a sign of some classified dealings behind the scenes as a result of a managerial iron fist.

As for the Liam tweet? Well, he hopped on Twitter to joke about the stories about him that suggest he is gaining weight and losing his shape. Payne looks good to us, so we can't imagine why people might criticize his frame.