One Direction adore their Directioners, and they prove it in a new song, 'Diana,' that's dedicated to their fiercely loyal fans.

The song is a message for Directioners who are going through issues, but could also be about the late Princess Diana of Wales: "Diana / Front pages all your pictures make you look so small / How could someone not miss you at all?" the boys sing in the intro. Later, the new fab five wail, "It's only been four months / But you've fallen down so far / How could someone mislead you at all / Diana / Let me be the one to light the fire inside your life / You can own me / You don't even know me / But I can feel you crying / Diana / Let me be the one to lift your heart up / And save your life / I don't even think you realize / Baby you'll be saving mine."

The song is a message for Directioners who are having bad days, and specifically issues with bullying, self-harm or eating disorders. It has a heartfelt message backed by an uptempo beat and a singalong melody. What else would you expect from these lads?

'Diana' is believed to be on 'Midnight Memories,' due Nov. 25.

It's unclear how the leak happened or where the song was originally found, but Directioners are an Internet savvy bunch ... so now it's pretty much everywhere. And after one listen, we bet it'll be in your head, too.

Listen to One Direction, 'Diana'