The only thing better than Directioners describing their own fandom? One Direction doing it for them. In a recent interview, Louis, Niall and Zayn explained exactly what it takes to be a die-hard 1D fan.

"Loyalty's a big thing," Niall revealed, also explaining that the fans' passion is also another strong point.

"You got to be initiated by a Directioner," Zayn added.

"Maybe there is a process that we don't even know about," Louis chimed in.

With all of the adoring Directioners, though, the band is bound to run into some, uh, overzealous fans here and there -- including one fan who actually hid in a garbage can in order to get closer to the group.

"I still can't believe that somebody hid in a bin," Zayn said in amazement. "…She jumped out of the bin, we stood there, and then she like, launched out."

All's well that ends well, we guess: The lucky lady still got a photo with the band!

As 1D gear up for the release of 'Four' on Nov. 17, they're not just talking fans -- they're also revealing behind-the-scenes details about the making of the album… including some of the group's less-than-shining moments.

"Oh yeah, honestly, when I was in the studio with some of our boys, it just exploded into this massive four-part row with everybody," Liam recently revealed (quote via Sugarscape). "Me and Louis were just sat there, then we started joining in as well! It was over one word... 'it' or 'you'! You just get over it afterwards, it's like just leave it on the court afterwards and it's fine."

Ah, One Direction love.

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