One Direction are almost as excited about performing on 'Saturday Night Live' as their fans are to watch them! The British heartthrobs talked to MTV about their 'SNL' debut tonight and revealed they may well do more on the show than sing.

When asked what fans can expect from their stint on 'SNL,' Liam Payne replied, "Just us having a lot of fun on 'Saturday Night Live' I think. We might be making an appearance after performing as well. Who knows?"

Niall Horan added, "This is our kind of show. It's -- you know, we like to have a bit of a laugh," he said. "This is our perfect kind of show. We get involved as much as we can."

Harry Styles answered the all-important 'SNL' inquiry: Are the guys funny? "We think we are. Maybe we're not," Styles deadpanned. Payne added, "We're just those guys who think we're funny." Louis Tomlinson chimed in, "We try!"

Styles predicted that after the show would feel like "a huge adrenaline rush." "This show is so huge, I think it's just going to be a lot of fun," he enthused. "We're just going to have as much fun with it as we can."

As for their favorite 'SNL' performers? "I love all the things that Justin Timberlake's done," Zayn Malik said. Harry Styles was a fan of the Beyonce baby skit, as well as a rapping Natalie Portman.

One Direction will perform on 'Saturday Night Live' on NBC tonight at 11:30 PM ET. The boys will premiere their 'iCarly' episode, 'iGo One Direction,' on Nickelodeon at 8 PM ET.

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