Those One Direction cuties sat down with Chart Show TV, hosted by Stefanie Faleo, who has Amy Winehouse-style winged eyeliner. The boys revealed why the crazy catchy 'Live While We're Young' was chosen as the first single from 'Take Me Home' and much, much more.

They reveal that they chose 'Live While We're Young' as the first look -- well, listen -- from their sophomore set since it was a good bridge between the two albums, showcasing what they do best. 1D also confirmed that they had a lot more input into this album and enjoyed the process more, and think it's better than the first one. Of course it is.

The boys were adorbs at learning that 'What Makes You Beautiful' is one of the biggest selling songsever, acting sheepish and like they didn't believe it.

They talked about rolling up to America and just taking over, with 1D mania burning at a fever pitch. It was a matter of timing, and in life, timing is everything.

"There are waves of times when British acts work in America," Harry Styles said. "Then for a bit they won't. It's time that they do again. There's Adele, Ed Sheeran. Obviously, the fans have been absolutely amazing."

Ya hear that, Directioners? The boys feel your love.