One Direction are making the press rounds to promote 'Live While We're Young' and 'Take Me Home,' and they're proving time and again that they're not only talented and hot, but also hilarious.

In an interview with the TV show 'Daybreak,' Niall Horan was just starting to chat about the group's upcoming world tour when Louis Tomlinson began pointing and giggling, distracting the hosts. Turns out, he was poking fun at poor Liam Payne's newly shaved head!

When asked if hanging out with Justin Bieber was a genuine or a showbiz friendship, the boys were surprisingly hesitant to respond, though we imagine it's at least in part because of their cheeky sense of humor. "I don't really know," Zayn Malik said. "It's a real friendship, but we know him through show business, so it's a bit of a weird thing," he explained. The boys also said they think Biebs has it harder in terms of fame and scrutiny because he's a solo artist, while they have each other as a group to lean on when things get rough.

Tune in to find out which day every month is their own, how the instrumentals on 'Take Me Home' are different, and what their childhood nicknames are!

Meanwhile, more details from One Direction's interview with The Sun have emerged via scans on Oh No They Didn't -- and our favorite tidbit was from Zayn. He revealed that while Liam Payne is most worried about him, he's actually the most concerned for Harry Styles in terms of dealing with fame. "He is the baby of the group, but people seem to forget that because of the way he is and because he is so charming," he revealed. We agree with the charm!

Malik also revealed something pretty gross, but pretty hilarious --  Horan has frequent flatulence! "When I first got wit the boys, Niall would fart all the time," Malik said. "But you just get used to it you get used to being a lad. Before I knew it I was just farting away with them, letting myself go."

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