Oh boy. Are One Direction headed in the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' direction? The band will be the subject of a fan fiction novel that's going to print from Penguin Press!

SugarScape reports that a Senior Fiction Editor at Penguin stumbled upon a piece of 1D fan fiction, 'Loving the Band,' by Lindsay Heaven, and figured it'd be a perfect fit for the publishing house. Heaven's fan fiction featured two members of One Direction falling in love with her (don't be so greedy!), which she posted on Movellas.com. The story had over 30,000 hits and spawned Directioners to beg her for more.

“Penguin had been looking to commission a writer to pen a romantic Y.A. fictional novel that tapped into the current obsession with boy bands,” Penguin said in a statement. “Emily proved to be just the right kind of new talent to write such a novel with powerful emotion and authority and world rights were duly acquired from movellas.com.”

Heaven is just as thrilled about the deal (obviously!). "I am very excited to be published by Penguin and it also helps that everyone there is so lovely!"

This isn't the first nor only time that One Direction have spawned some prose. The band is also the subject of a comic book series. They're also a big hit in our diaries and dream books. Sigh.

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