One Direction’s Where We Are Tour has been underway for only one week and already things are getting a little crazy. The band’s fans got to experience 1D mania firsthand last Sunday (April 27) in Lima, Peru, where 47 fans had to be treated for asphyxiation. Yikes!

Billboard reports the concert’s venue, the Estadio Nacional stadium boasts a capacity of 40,000. That’s a LOT of fans. On top of that, the floor of the stadium was general admission, meaning a chunk of those fans were all jammed together and likely being pushed forward towards the stage. It’s easy to see how the situation led to asphyxia, which occurs when there’s a lack of oxygen.

Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Liam must have known their tour crowds would get a little hectic. They thoughtfully recorded a safety video advising fans to stay safe, have fun, drink plenty of water, and tell a staff member if they’re feeling unwell. Hopefully fans are more likely to pay attention since it’s the boys themselves telling everyone to be safe! Check out the full video below.

The guys also urged fans during the show to be careful and respectful of each other’s space.

“If you don’t want anyone to take us off the stage, make sure you stay back,” Niall cautioned.

Luckily, everyone seems to be okay and back in good health. Pop-up tents were used to treat fans pulled from the crowd and the British-Irish boy band was able to finish out their 23-song concert in Lima.

Directioners, are you heading to a Where We Are show? Be careful in those crowds!