We've always suspected how powerful One Direction fans are, but their latest efforts prove just how much power they really do wield. In honor of Zayn Malik's 22nd birthday (cue Taylor Swift's '22' playing softly in the background), fans banded together to create an online fundraiser that would see the donation of money to the British Asian Trust, which is a charity created to help the communities of disadvantaged people in South Asia.

Fans managed to raise over $10,000 for the organization, of which Zayn is an ambassador. It's a really fantastic way for fans to honor one of their heroes. Zayn was somehow alerted to it and posted a screenshot of the donations via Twitter, saying, "This is amazing thank you to everyone involved!!"

We really couldn't agree with Zayn more. To raise thousands of dollars for a charity as a birthday gift for one of the ambassadors of it is a wonderful thing, and we have to hand it to Directioners for this one. We also love the fact that Zayn acknowledged the amazing gift, despite not having any obligation to do so.

While we're at it, we'd like to wish Zayn and his perfect hair-slash-cheekbones-slash-face-slash-voice-slash-everything a very happy birthday!

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