One Direction fans have exhibited a spot of bad behavior. Directioners and their moms (!!!) have directly interfered with the dating habits of one Zayn Malik, bullying an Australian girl who had scored a date with the singer to the point of causing her to cancel outright. What a bum out for Zayn!

MTV reports that Anna Crotti, 20, is a receptionist at a Sydney radio station and met the 1D boys when they paid a promotional visit. Both Malik and Harry Styles were taken by Crotti, who said, "A security guard came up to me. I thought I was in trouble but he said, 'The lads want your number.' I got a text later saying hello. I asked who it was and it was Zayn."

That's a situation and a position that any of the millions of Directioners would hope, wish, pray and sell a vital organ to find themselves in. Crotti continued, "We were communicating throughout the whole day pretty much and he asked if I would like to catch up for drinks. I said I was free a bit later."

Somehow word of the date leaked to Directioners, who unleashed the fires of fan hell on Crotti. She admitted, "By the end of the day, it got a bit too scary. Random girls were abusing me on Facebook. Girls were calling the radio station and giving me s---. Mothers even called me in tears, demanding to know if I knew where One Direction were because their daughters wanted to meet them."

The abuse was so out of control that Crotti feared walking home after work, much less going out on an actual date with Malik. "It was so intense. I messaged Zayn and said, 'Maybe it's not a good idea we meet up.' It was just a bit too full on," she said.

Poor girl!

Directioners, bullying in any shape or form is not acceptable.