Now that One Direction's upcoming album 'Four' is less than a month away, it looks like we're going to be seeing quite a lot of the boy band, and we are beyond excited. A newly released clip of the guys gives fans their first behind the scenes look at the photo shoot behind the album.

The video shows the guys in classic One Direction mode -- goofing around together, being the super cute bffs we've all come to love and obsess over. Our favorite part? Zayn in a leather jacket, because hello? Have you seen him wear clothing?

Niall talks briefly -- because, let's be real, anything short of a twelve-hour-long Shakespearian monologue will never be long enough for us -- about the new album and what (ahem) direction they're headed toward, sound-wise.

He says: "It's sounding a little bit more edgy, a little funkier. We're writing songs now that we would all listen to, that we're all fans of." Considering the eclectic music taste that spans the entire group (from Michael Jackson to the Eagles to HAIM... just to name a few!) we're even more curious to hear the end result.

Check out the behind the scenes video above, and be sure to get a copy of 'Four' when it comes out on Nov. 17!

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