One Direction are a cool bunch of fellas. Each member of the group has their own distinct look, their own amazing voice and their own sparkling personality, which makes the chemistry between this quintet absolutely explosive... and we mean that in a good way, like the fireworks way.

Since we've gotten to know Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Niall Horan not only as members of 1D, but as individuals over the past year, we want to know: Which 1D guy would you like to hang out with most?

Let's start with Liam, who is adorable, romantic and would probably be a blast to hang with. He's often seen out on the town, but tends to keep a lower profile, unlike lots of other celebrities. And while he is a self-professed dork, we know better, as the 1D member loves awesome stuff like Batman (hello, did you see his Halloween costume last year?), anything Disney, and football (the English kind, not the American). Side note: He also hates spoons, which is totally random and hilarious.

Then there's Louis, who is definitely the clown of 1D, always lending a laugh to his fans, his bandmates and pretty much anyone within a mile radius of where he's standing. The cutie loves to crack jokes, is a total chatterbox, and has tons of energy, getting his fellow 1D'ers and fans pumped while he's on stage or during interviews. But this goofball also has a super kind and affectionate side, as he often displays with his lovely girlfriend, Eleanor, and his family. Fun fact: Did you know he has four sisters? No wonder he's such a good BF! He knows how to treat a lady right.

Zayn Malik is up next, and aside from being an absolutely amazing singer and a stunning human being who has that bad boy look going on (his Greaser 'do is fab, right, Directioners?), he is also a gentle, kindhearted fellow with a soft, sensitive side. He's only got eyes for his girlfriend, Perrie Edwards of Little Mix, and he tries to stay away from all of the drama that comes with being in a hugely successful boy band. Shy guy Malik may be mysterious, but we also know that he has a deep love for his family, friends, fashion and tattoos.

And like his bandmates Zayn and Louis, the very dreamy Harry Styles also has a wild side when it comes to getting tattoos. The inked-up Hazza also has a gorgeous singing voice, a beautiful face, amazing hair, and loves the ladies. But when he isn't going out to nightclubs, hanging with supermodels or stripping down to his birthday suit (because we all know this guy loves getting naked), Styles likes to relax at home, watching football and sleeping. So, he would be great to go out with partying, but even better to hang with the next day on the couch, eating chips and playing video games.

Finally, Niall Horan is just great too. The lone Irishman of One Direction is bonkers for football, and has a very athletic side to him, playing sports all though school and whenever he gets a break from 1D duties. Horan also has a great sense of humor (did you see him dancing with underpants on his head not too long ago?), a great work ethic and a carefree attitude. On nights off, Horan loves to hit the pub for a pint (and maybe an impromptu performance, if you're lucky) and has a great talent for guitar playing, something the lovable blondie often exercises while on stage.

So, which 1D member would you most like to hang out with? Vote below!