One thing about 'One Thing' singers One Direction: the guys are hilarious and charming in their interviews. They're proving it even further, especially designated-yet-unofficial frontman Harry Styles, who has a unique resting place for his Brit Award. Where's he putting it?

He told the Diary, “I'll put it on display in my toilet." Say what?!

He actually offers a pretty good explanation for his idea. “You don't want to put it somewhere too show-offy, like in the hall or on your mantelpiece, so if you put it in the bathroom everyone's going to have to go in there at some point anyway!” Cheeky and clever? No wonder why he has a heartthrob label!

One Direction have been showered with accolades and achievements since their formation on Britain's version of 'X Factor.' The band has the highest Hot 100 charting debut from a U.K. artist since 1998, and just embarked on their first U.S. tour with Big Time Rush (check out their very first U.S. performance here). We have a feeling Styles is going to need a big bathroom to showcase all of his awards!