Life is pretty good for One Direction. They're rich, young, successful and have girls falling at their feet. Problem is, they also have professional minders who sometimes kill their game!

The Daily Mail reports that resident heartbreaker Harry Styles got into an argument with his security team when he tried to escort his maybe-girlfriend, model Emma Orsilly, and another blond galpal to his Auckland, New Zealand hotel room.

In case you don't recall (or perhaps blocked it out of your mind), Styles was spotted hitting the town with American-born model Orsilly last weekend, even sharing a liplock on her doorstep. Apparently he wanted to keep the good vibes going on his last night in New Zealand, but his minders wouldn't let Orsilly or her friend into the hotel!

A source said that the van the heartthrob were traveling in (they were being chauffeured by his team), Styles "jumped out and was swinging on the door, standing in the road and shouting. Then, around the corner, the doors on both sides were being opened even as they drove along. It was nuts."

According to the spy, it didn't die down until a few minutes after everyone exited the vehicle. "When they got out and walked a few minutes later, Harry’s minder was wrestling with him. Obviously, it was an uneven contest and good humoured — but Harry was a real handful."

Styles tweeted that night, somewhat reflectively, leading Directioners to believe he's rather smitten with Orsilly -- who had to get rid of her Twitter and change names on her Facebook account following their harassment. Not cool, guys!

The Mail reported that when Styles was at the airport the next day, he appeared "hungover and tired," wearing the same clothes from the night before. Do we sense a walk of shame?!