Harry Styles... without One Direction? Hold onto your hats, Directioners, because this is seriously happening. Harry recorded a demo ballad called 'Don't Let Me Go' with musician Sam McCarthy, but before you start freaking out, you should know that he's not breaking off from his 1D boys.

A rep for the band explained (via Hollywood Life), "This is NOT a Harry Styles solo song. It's a demo from a year and half ago that was being considered for a 1D album and it is not a solo track. The boys often work separately to save time." Phew! Had us sweatin' for a minute there, Harry!

Of course, Directioners are loving this track featuring the heartthrob in his solo glory, commenting on the YouTube page with things like, "HEART PALPITATIONS." Yeah, us too, guys.

Sam McCarthy tweeted his thanks to fans for positive feedback, saying:

With a verse like, "I promise one day I'll bring you back a star / I caught one and it burned a hole in my hand / Oh, seems like these days I watch you from afar / Just trying to make you understand / I'll keep my eyes wide open yeah," Harry may have sent fans of 1D into an absolute tizzy. It also shows that Mr. Styles knows how to write a pop song. He's not just a pretty face after all!