One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles is adding to his ink collection rapidly. Boy, your body is one fine canvas, but you may wanna slow it down -- tattoos are permanent, and lasers hurt! What'd he get for his latest addition? Another ship? Louis Tomlinson's initials? Taylor Swift's face in a target?


A butterfly on his abs!

The above photo was reportedly taken while the ink was still fresh in the tattoo parlor. (There's even still some excess ink smeared on his chest!)

The butterfly joins the pirate ship on Styles' bicep, a solid black heart and a bunch of other arm tattoos, including the classic comedy and tragedy masks, a birdcage and a black star.

Also adorning his torso? ‘17 BLACK‘ across the left side of his chest (a nod to James Bond) and he also has two birds on his pecs (which may have been used to cover up a “Love” banner, evidenced in the ‘Kiss You’ video).

As for skeptics? You can see Styles' ship tat in this shot, and, if you look closely and squint, his extra nips. Only Hazza could make those look good!

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