One Direction performed at Hershey Park in Hershey, Penn., this weekend (July 5 and July 6) -- and they had a blast doing it.

In addition to stellar performances (complete with 30,000 screaming Directioners on hand to watch), the guys had fun just goofing off in the heat. Harry Styles tossed around a football (how American!), Niall Horan cruised around on a Segway and former boxer Liam Payne worked up a sweat with some exercise and resistance bands.

During their performances, the boys were just as silly and lovable as ever. Styles purchased some cotton candy, Louis Tomlinson burned his hands playing with lights and they brought on a lot of giggles answering Twitter questions. They're so hilarious and lovable that until they start belting out their tunes, you almost forget that they can sing, too!

And don't think the hijinks ended when they started crooning, either -- check out how funny the boys are even while singing, especially Horan and Tomlinson!

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