One Direction found another surefire way to make their throng of female fans scream. While onstage during their trip to Sydney, Australia, the boys impersonated each other, generating plenty of feedback from the ladies on site.

The boys know one another very well, working and playing together as they do. They were good-natured about the whole thing, ribbing and riffing on another just like brothers. It was absolutely adorbs, just like everything these U.K. lads do.

While the entire just-under-two-minutes clip was hilarious, the funniest moment came towards the end, when Harry Styles (the crush of many a starlet, like Taylor Swift) joked that he'd have to do himself. There was no need for him to make fun of himself, as his bro and bandmate Zayn Malik came to the rescue, to the approval of fans.

Malik offered up his best "Harry," saying, "I used to work in a bakery and now I am in One Direction." Could these boys be any cuter? It's not possible. They're a vortex of cuteness.

And there you have it. Your boy band swoon moment of the day.

Watch One Direction Impersonate Each Other