If you've ever read anything we've ever written about One Direction, you're probably aware of the fact that we're pretty big fans. They're talented, their music is pop perfection, Zayn's face is a physical testament to the existence of a higher being, etc. But it looks like Tom Meighan, lead singer of the British rock band Kasabian, doesn't feel the same way we do.

Kasabian recently took home the awards for Best British Band and Best Album at the 2015 NME Awards, and Meighan figured that was the perfect place to unleash his innermost thoughts about the boyband. Speaking with the Sun, he said (quotes via Yahoo!), "They're f---ing millionaires but they're five no-ones who won the lottery. They're massive, but they're a product, we're not. They're like shampoo. You buy it to put it in your hair and wash it out, like the Spice Girls." Ouch.

But that's not all, folks! He went on to say, "Thing is, they'll all get angry with each other, fall out and do too many drugs. They'll wanna be f---ing arty and do something clever and they'll break up." Well, we definitely hope that curse doesn't befall One Direction any time soon.

And while we don't exactly agree with Meighan, you know, at all, we have to admit that the NME Awards were the perfect place to unleash such a tirade against the most popular boyband on the planet. The awards show has a tendency of nominating One Direction for all sorts of unsavory awards. They won title of Worst Band at the show in 2014, and Harry Styles himself has been nominated for Villain of the Year three times now -- though he's only actually won it twice.

Sigh. Why can't we all just get along?

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