A lot of girls melted when 'Little Things' by One Direction came onto our radars, but it turns out that the Ed Sheeran-penned acoustic ballad isn't their second official U.S. single from 'Take Me Home.' That title goes to 'Kiss You,' the second track off of their sophomore album (and the one that inspired its title).

The song has a pop-punky feel to it, and will likely lead teens and tweens everywhere to pogo their hearts out -- though many of them probably never heard of the term "pogo." It's a fun song about a crush, with the boys telling the object of their affection that they want to show her off to see their pals "drooling on their chinny-chin-chins."

Billboard reports that 'Kiss You' is slated to hit radio Nov. 16, just days after 'Take Me Home' hits shelves on Nov. 13. You can stream the full album (minus bonus tracks) on iTunes.

It appears that 'Little Things' will follow in the footsteps of the 'Up All Night' single 'Gotta be You,' a ballad that was released as a second U.K. single but not released to stateside radio -- which appears to prefer the band's more upbeat, sugary tunes. The band performed 'Little Things' and 'Live While We're Young' on 'X Factor' last night (Nov. 8), making hearts melt -- and now with 'Kiss You' hitting airwaves, they're poised to warm up radio as well.

Listen to a Snippet of One Direction, 'Kiss You'