If you ever have a secret, you'd be wise not to tell loose-lipped Louis Tomlinson. The cheeky One Direction singer has a habit of humorously ribbing his bandmates -- and revealing some of their more covert secrets that way.

In a recent interview, Harry Styles was asked about the meaning behind his newest tattoo, a pair of sparrows on his chest. (He was under the needle on Nov. 8 at the Shamrock Tattoo Shop in West Hollywood, adding to his already checkered canvas of body art.)

Before he could respond, Louis interjected, "You got it because you think they look cool. There's not that much meaning!" For the record, Hazza has said there is a story behind them: He told Ellen that the tats signify traveling, since "Birds fly." While it's a bit of a weak explanation, it was an adorable one.

Other fun facts? Liam Payne won't share a drink with his mates because he's a germaphobe. He thinks they're dirty! (Sounds like he knows stuff we don't.) "I'm a hygiene freak," Liam admitted. "I can't share a drink with people." He laughed to his fellow 1D members, I don't like any of you, and you all smell weird and you don't wash properly. So why am I going to share a drink?" Don't worry -- he actually does like them. He was kidding about that part!

Watch Harry Styles Explain His New Tattoo