Jet-setting can be a tiresome task, as the guys from One Direction know all too well. In fact, Liam Payne had to recruit his bandmate Louis Tomlinson for some much-needed transportation assistance after a flight recently.

On May 15, while touching down in London, British boy bander Payne must've had a serious case of jet lag, as he opted out of walking through the terminal. Instead, he relied on his pal Louis Tomlinson by hitching a ride on his baggage cart! You know how the friendly saying goes: "We all need somebody's baggage cart to lean on."

Decked out in trendy sneakers and hooded sweatshirts, the 1D dudes looked cheerful as they strolled through the terminal at London Heathrow and chatted with fans. Payne and Tomlinson couldn't help but goof around after what was probably a long flight home.

Payne looked relaxed and smiley on his makeshift chair, as Tomlinson laughed wheeling him along. But we're on to you, Liam. There's no way lumpy baggage is comfortable on your booty! Next time, throw a pillow on top of all that luggage.