All of you One Direction fans can breath and joint sigh of relief. Your man Liam Payne is 100% not engaged to his girlfriend! All of you can now go back to planning on how you're going to make him yours when you see him in concert next. Don't worry, we used to do the same thing back when Nick Carter was still hot.

It all started with the Instagram account OfficialPayne1993. The account posted steamy pictures of Payne, 18, and his lady Danielle Peazer, 24, but it was an announcement that said he and Peazer would be moving in together that caused a bunch of girls to freak out.

Lo and behold, it was a sham. "This is a fake account and the rumors are completely false," said Payne's rep to MTV News. "They are not engaged or moving in together."

Hey, questionable news is always good publicity, right? The band is already at work on their second album and a single from that album could be released as early as the fall. But at least you One Directioners can relax over the fact that he's not engaged.

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