The guys in One Direction have girls (and older women!) throwing themselves at them all the time, so it's only natural that they'd have some advice on romance -- specifically on letting gals down easy.

"You've got to be careful so you don't come across as arrogant," Zayn Malik advised to OK! magazine (quotes via Independent Woman). "Say 'you don't want to ruin the friendship' or whatever. There's no point in leading someone on." Smart! How does Harry Styles turn down girls? "I told someone I was gay once." Hazza, you just opened a giant can of worms!

Niall Horan admitted that he's never ever cheated on a girlfriend, but still got accused of infidelity. "I got accused of it once at a house party," Horan griped. "Someone told her that I had got with another girl when I hadn't. It didn't go down too well."

Styles' dad offered his son some advice, not both in love, but also for his career. “I said to Harry, ‘Just make sure you don’t get anyone pregnant,’” he told PEOPLE (via Hollywood Life). “If that were to happen, it would really screw things up big time. There’s nothing I can do to stop him doing things anyway. From a One Direction aspect, it wouldn’t be great for all sorts of reasons. Still, I don’t think it would bother him too much if he did get a girl pregnant. He would be a responsible parent and just get on with it.”

We bet a lot of cougars are happy to hear that!

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