Get ready to invest in Kleenex and therapy sessions, Directioners. A member of One Direction was spotted smooching one very lucky lady.

Zayn Malik was photographed swapping spit with fellow 'X Factor U.K.' alum Perrie Edwards of British girl group Little Mix!

The Sun captured the cute couple "snogging" on a North London street while Malik waited to be picked up to leave for his U.S. tour. Zayn and Perrie rode around on a scooter and kissed in full view of the public, who were likely weeping and plotting her demise.

A source told the tab, “They hugged, snogged and mucked about on a scooter while they were waiting for Zayn to be picked up. He was giving her lifts along the road. You could see they are genuinely really into each other," the source added. “Both were dubious whether they could make it work due to the pressure of their pop star statuses — but they decided they like each other too much not to give it a go." Awww!

The duo were relatively media savvy about their relationship too, according the spy. “They’ve spent months getting to know each other to make sure they were on track before they went public.” Smart!

Apart from distance and their schedules, there's one other big obstacle to their blossoming relationship: angry Directioners! After the couple tweeted one another following a date to see 'The Avengers,' 1D fans blew up with harassing comments towards Edwards, who has since deleted her account. Play nice, kids!