The boys of One Direction aren't lifelong pals who formed a boy band. They were actually assembled by 'X Factor' judge Simon Cowell on the British edition of the show, only after they were voted off as individuals. Looks like Cowell had the Midas touch, especially with 'Take Me Home' debuting at No.1 on the charts this week. Now, the boys have finally revealed what they thought of one another upon learning their fate as a new band put together by Si Co.

Liam Payne on Louis Tomlinson (quotes courtesy of Press Party): "Louis was so quiet when I first met him, now you can't shut him up."

Harry Styles on Niall Horan: "Niall was really loud. He just walked around with a guitar." Horan explained, "Really, because I had no friends and was trying to get myself friends, but wasn't doing a very good job of it."

The formerly quiet, now-loud Tomlinson tried to comprehend how he and the boys went from unknowns to one of the biggest British acts … ever. "I don't think you could ever envision anything like this," he mused. "We just feel so lucky to be involved in it. When you actually sit down and think about where we've come in two years, maybe nearly three years ... it's absolutely amazing. It sounds really obvious and everyone always says it, but we do have the best fans in the world."

They sure do! They're the ones who propelled 'Take Me Home to the top of the charts and they sell out the shows and buy the merch.

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