One Direction reveal some of the secrets of the first half of their 'Midnight Memories' video in this first behind-the-scenes clip. Want to know what's in the fire extinguisher that blasts Liam Payne in the face and other key things?

Then watch the footage posted above.

But here's the PopCrush cheat sheet. That was flour in the fire extinguisher, which we're sure was a real pain to wash out of the hair and eyelashes. Niall Horan talks about chatting up girls and getting nowhere, while Harry Styles sorta gives us a few seconds of a guided tour of the house party.

Want to find out who had the best mobile scooter abilities, since the boys and some older ladies ride them in London in the next segment of the official video? Well, we'll have to wait for the next Midnight Memory BTS clip. Cliffhanger!

Hurry, boys! We need more Louis Tomlinson (and his ankles) and Zayn Malik (and his five o'clock shadow) in our lives in the form of this extra footage.