One Direction capture the essence of fame and the notion of carpe diem in the title track from their new album. It's a big, huge, '80s rock-influenced anthem and the accompanying lyrics are as celebratory as the sound.

We've taken a deeper look at the meaning of 'Midnight Memories.'

"Straight off the plane to a new hotel / Just touched down, you could never tell / A big house party with a crowded kitchen / People talk shh but we don't listen."

Harry Styles is singing about how life is cray and a whirlwind. From the plane to the hotel to a party, "the fame" is one insane existence, so you have to make the best of it by having good times, all of the time. The boys jet all over the world and have so much going on. It's a blur and people talk smack, but they don't care. Everyone wants a piece of 1D and they are getting yanked in all different directions, but they never forget to suck the marrow out of life.

"You and me and all our friends / I don't care how much we spend / Baby, this is what the night is for."

Niall Horan sings about living life to the fullest. Him, you and friends. No matter the cost, they are young and making memories is the utmost priority, since the night is theirs for the taking. Enjoy it while you can, because that's what it's there for. And it won't last forever.

"Baby you and me / Stumbling in the street / Singing, singing, singing, singing / Midnight memories, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh."

That's what this age and youth is for -- having fun. And it's totally fine if you are a mess, stumbling in the street. There is no need to be perfect all the time. Let your hair down and let loose. None of us are promised tomorrow, so live it up in the present.

There you have it. Our read of the title track of 1D's third album as an anthem that celebrates life and living in the moment, making as many memories as possible. PopCrushers and Directioners, what do you think? Do you "hear" the song the same way or do you have a totes different interpretation?

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