Ugh, way to tug at our heartstrings. As if the guys of One Direction weren't already adorable, a song dedicated to their moms has been released. But wait, the song wasn't actually created or recorded by 1D -- it's the mastermind of a duo named Big Clown Little Clown (Dave Cribb and Luke Franks, respectively)!

Much like their predecessors -- Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls -- who both released songs dedicated to their mothers, Big Clown Little Clown wrote the song called 'Mum Direction' and are now releasing it to the public in order to help raise money for the charity Believe in Magic, which benefits sick children.

One 1D mom who's already of a fan of the song is Harry Styles' mother Anne Cox, who had great things to say. “I first heard the song when Luke & Dave sent it to me a while back, I love it!" she said. "The guys have a brilliant sense of fun, and it's very tongue-in-cheek."

“I know myself how hard it is to raise funds for a charity and the help that this will bring to Believe In Magic is wonderful. It's hard to ask people to ‘give give give’ all the time, so this gives people a chance to help whilst getting something back," continued Cox. "It's fantastic and I'd personally like to thank the guys on behalf of BIM.”

Naturally, there's a video to accompany the song, which makes it all the more awesome!

This is just way too cute.