This has to be awkward.

One Direction member Niall Horan's father has been very kind to Directioners -- even giving Horan gifts from his fans to sign and then send back ... including their bras!

“A mother and daughter came from Canada. They wanted to see Niall’s room and where he lived," Niall's father, Bobby, told The Sun (quotes via SugarScape). "I was polite and let them take photos. Another girl turned up from the US. She’d been driven here by her dad. It’s mad but I’m always polite," he said, adding, "They’re the ones backing my boy after all.”

Bobby also noted that the Directioners turn over their underpinnings to him to give to his son. “I’ve taken bras to him that have come with letters asking for them to be autographed," Bobby said. "He does it with a smile. It’s all harmless stuff and keeps people happy.”

We think Bobby has a pretty healthy attitude about the whole thing, but we're a bit concerned at the gals just showing up to the Horan house! It may be time to move -- or get a fence.