Niall Horan of One Direction loves his brunettes! The Irish-born 1D singer has been linked to yet another dark-haired beauty, this time a UK television sensation.

Nialler is rumored to have hit it off with 'Made in Chelsea' starlet Louise Thompson. For the uninitiated, 'Made in Chelsea' is a London-based reality show about wealthy, gorgeous young socialites. (Sigh.)

"Louise has gushed about Niall for weeks," a source told The Sun. "She says he has the Irish gift of the gab and is very open about him being her celebrity crush."

How did the lovefest start? The way most celeb crushes do now: Twitter.

"It started with jokey comments on Twitter, but now they text each other all the time," the source revealed. "They were on the phone last week when he suggested she go over and sent a car. It was secretive and exciting."

And if the show and its link to One Direction sounds familiar, it should: Harry Styles was briefly rumored to be hanging out with former 'Made in Chelsea' starlet Caggie Dunlop.

In any case, the relaysh may be hard to maintain with Horan's hectic schedule -- and with his rumored paramour Zoe Whelan, who may or may not still be in the picture.