Have you ever seen someone or something so beautiful it brings you to tears? If the answer is no, we implore you to search out One Direction's performance of 'Night Changes' at tonight's (Nov. 23) 2014 American Music Awards (Nov. 23).

The boys performed their latest single in front of a 'Lion King'-esque, grassy background made to look like night time -- pretty appropriate. It was almost as dreamy as the guys themselves -- all of them were dressed super chic in all black like they came straight off the runway from Paris Fashion Week. It was a truly beautiful site to behold.

Side note: Every time the camera panned to Zayn we had to physically remind ourselves to breathe:

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Luckily for us, they sounded just as good as they looked. It was seriously an audio and visual masterpiece that belongs in New York City's Museum of Modern Art, alongside Pablo Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. We're pretty sure that performance warrants the addition of a few brand new award categories including best hair (tie between Zayn's Danny Zuko realness and Louis' Alex Turner swirl), best Sgt. Pepper's-inspired jacket (Harry, duh), best falsetto (Liam made everyone believers) and most enthusiastic (Niall).

It very nearly brought us to tears. Okay, that's a lie -- it totally brought us to tears. We are not worthy.

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