One Direction delivered arguably the most highly anticipated performance at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, and they didn't disappoint. Not that they could if they tried, but whatevs!

For all intents and purposes, it was a standard One Direction performance -- all they need to do is show up and sing and everyone melts. They require no dancers, no pyrotechnics, no guest rappers (though we gotta admit, an A$AP Rocky cameo may make us die of excitement) ... they're good enough on their own. The only thing we didn't totes love? Louis Tomlinson rocked a new hairstyle and we have to admit, we miss his bangs!

Fans swarmed the stage for their performance of 'One Thing,' which, like 'What Makes You Beautiful,' will get stuck in your head whether you like it or not. It even infected some of the fellow stars at the show: Katy Perry serenaded BFF Rihanna in their front row seats, then she appeared to almost doze off. She was probably dreaming of that smooch she shared with Niall Horan earlier in the evening when 1D won Best Pop Video.

"Let me see those hands!" Liam Payne commanded  after the bridge, and you better believe everyone obliged.

The group closed out their performance by rising above the crowd on an elevated stage -- which is probably the only way they'd be able to keep the girls in the crowd from clawing their clothes off of them. Not that it crossed our minds or anything.