It's clear that One Direction had only one thing on their minds when they filmed their new video for the hit single -- fun! The video captures a day in the life of the U.K. 'X Factor' alumni, from cruising around London to serenading screaming girls.

The clip opens with the boys in suits, posing on a concrete staircase in front of their scarlet double decker tour bus, altering their positions and singing to the camera. Soon, we're treated to watching them goof off in a field, bouncing on giant balls, riding around in a mini car and chasing one another in the grass. Later they ride bikes, weave in and out of sculptures and just generally look like they're having a blast.

Soon, it's back to work -- which, based on their grins, may as well be play for them anyway. As they cruise around the top deck of their bus singing their hearts out, they make eyes at a cute blonde and wave to hordes of girls awaiting their arrival. They see a street performer on a guitar and start a spontaneous acoustic gig, thrilling the throngs of ladies that start to swarm around them. Soon they're jumping on furniture, taking photos with trembling fans -- and then it's back on the bus.

The song is super catchy, so we're hoping it's featured on the band's U.S. debut album this March. In addition, the video is a pretty adorable glimpse into the Brit boy band's typical day, and it transforms the song from a lovesick plea to an oblivious girl into an ode to Londontown.

Watch the One Direction 'One Thing' Video