One Direction's Harry Styles and Zayn Malik sparked up quite a bit of chatter on Twitter, as fans spotted the boys out and about at a club in Australia. Are they giving new meaning to their album title 'Up All Night?'

Local fans, or Directioners, snapped photos of the boys and immediately started sharing them on Twitter, like the shot below. The lads were mobbed when they hit the country for promo events earlier this week and perhaps they needed to head out and enjoy the local culture and blow off some steam. Their newfound (and massive) fame certainly means that their actions will be well-documented on social media outlets.

Check out the tweet below, where one fan grabbed a shot of the pair as they were out and about. Let's just hope that the boys don't get in too, too much trouble while enjoying life Down Under. We hope they are behaving, since they don't need to put a stain on their fame with any bad boy antics. Something tells us they are just out and about, having a good time, fraternizing with fans. They don't present themselves as ruffians or reckless, so they are likely just having some fun.

Boys will be boys.