Okay, seriously, how cute are One Direction?

A group of 1D fans thought they were at a diner for a screening of their tour DVD. Not so! The U.K. heartthrobs surprised the lucky Directioners when they stepped behind the milkshake counter and began singing.

The girls gasped and looked about in disbelief as the blokes made their way to the restaurant counter and broke into an acoustic performance of 'What Makes You Beautiful.' Zayn Malik stole the show vocally, while Louis Tomlinson had a field day with a sugar shaker, eliciting giggles from the adoring girls in the audience.

"The fans here have been really cool over here," Malik said post-performance, "so it'd be nice to kind of have that intimate environment with them and just do our thing." Cougar hunter Harry Styles agreed. "We like to kind of slow it down a bit," he said, his signature mop hair blowing in the breeze. "When we play to intimate crowds, it's nice to slow it down and make it a little more personal -- less about the atmosphere and more about the people in the room."

Watch One Direction Perform at a Diner