This is kind of the one time we're actually jealous of a dolphin. This kind of jealousy doesn't happen very often, we promise... only when One Direction is involved!

While on vacation from their super busy tour and appearance schedule, One Direction's Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne decided to head down south to Miami, Florida for a much needed rest. But ever the tourists, the two decided to trade in hotel slumber for a chance to swim with dolphins, because that's obviously what you do when you're down in Miami!

The 'What Makes You Beautiful' boy banders posed happily with their fishy new fans at the Miami Seaquarium, riding along through the water as they held onto their dolphin friends' fins. On a side note, how freakin cute do they look in their wetsuits?!

And after the dolphins, the duo moved on to explore stingrays at the Sea Trek Reef Encounter. We bet you don't get that sort of aquatic experience over in London, right boys?

This is one way to enjoy some time off, but if we're going to Florida for a little rest and relaxation, you bet we're going straight to Disney World. We wouldn't mind if Louis and Liam accompanied us on Splash Mountain either!