We found what may be the cutest and most hilarious thing you'll see today (unless a viral video of a basket of kittens telling jokes emerges). During a concert in Auckland, New Zealand on Saturday night (April 21), Harry Styles' One Direction bandmates took turns pinching and squeezing his buns during his 'What Makes You Beautiful' solo.

In the clip, Styles is at the front of the stage leading hand claps before his solo starts. Once he begins to sing, Liam Payne is the first to pinch his behind, which we can see when Styles reaches a hand back and laughs as he sings. Zayn Malik is next with a quick grab, followed once more by party-starter Payne.

Styles visibly tries to move away from the culprits -- but the problem is, they're all in on it. Malik ruffles Styles' hair, then Louis Tomlinson goes in for a visibly big squeeze just before the chorus hits, letting Styles escape. The only one not involved -- at least that the camera could catch -- was Niall Horan.

Sounds like model Emma Orsilly isn't the only one getting in on Styles' goods!

Watch One Direction Members Tease Harry Styles