One Direction stopped by a radio interview and acoustic performance on St. Patrick's Day (March 17), which isn't that unusual. However, it was even more adorable than usual, because the band got to play with puppies onstage!

Before they were treated with the rescue pups, the band sat down for a chat. Niall Horan, 19, is Irish -- and was bummed that the legal drinking age is 21 in the U.S., because it made imbibing on St. Patrick's Day difficult! Another holiday they missed? Mother's Day! (It's celebrated in March in the U.K.)

The guys were still festive, though. Horan revealed that after a trip to see 'Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark' on Broadway, the band went to Foot Locker. "We literally bought everything that was green in there," Horan laughed. "Foot Locker got raided!" Harry Styles added.

Zayn Malik revealed that the band still gets stage fright. "When we did our first auditions, I think we were all massively nervous," he said, "because you're by yourself onstage. I think it helps being in a group, because you don't get as nervous because we're making each other laugh backstage," he explained of the difference in dynamics. "We still get nervous before a big show like, right before we go on, but we don't have that pre-stage sickness," he said, motioning to his stomach. Uh oh -- sounds like some of our boys had the pukes prior to 'X Factor!' "It's the good sort of nerves," Liam Payne quipped.

The band goes on to reveal their favorite apps (Louis Tomlinson in particular is a fan of 'Draw Something'), who the biggest food thief is on tour and what celebs they'd love to 'punk.'

Check out the video below of the band's full interview and performance, including 'What Makes You Beautiful' -- with puppies!

Watch One Direction's Interview and Acoustic Performance