Some very lucky Directioners got a very big surprise. In a special for iTV, One Direction took a trip to Madame Tussaud's in London and pretended to be wax figures of themselves. As you can imagine, hilarity and hysteria ensued.

The Directioners at the museum thought they were on hand to help film a promotional video. While the boys got made up to look like their melty counterparts, their fans, Hannah, Beth and Megan all strolled about taking pictures with figures of various celebs -- just like the rest of us would do. Except the pranksters in 1D don't show up to shock us.

"We're going to pretend to be wax figures," Niall Horan said while his face was being done up. "And then we're gonna surprise them and shock them, and they're gonna be like 'AHHH!'" Too cute!

Not all of 1D thought they could pull it off, though. "I don't think we're going to be very convincing at all," Zayn Malik said, shaking his head. Liam Payne agreed, with one member in particular being the problem. "I genuinely don't think Niall's going to be able to last at all!"

However, when the fans were out with them, it was Liam who gave the guys away first! Most of us shake and cry when we see One Direction, but this takes it to a whole new -- and much more understandable -- level. All we're saying is, if we were presented with One Direction wax figures, they'd likely feel a lot more awkward coming to life.