There's a new supergroup brewing and it features One Direction (1D) and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (DB.) Hence, you have 1DB. Get to know 'em now, since they are going to be huge. Massive, even.

In this 16-second teaser for a forthcoming Pepsi commercial, cultures collide as the British-Irish boy band and the American footballer pair up. Brees, who just broke legendary QB Johnny Unitas' consecutive touchdown record and who led the Saints to a Super Bowl win in 2010, is decidedly more stoked about 1DB than 1D is. They look at him blankly, unimpressed and unmoved by his excitement as he merges their initials into one via the cue cards he is holding.

Harry Styles and co. couldn't be more cavalier about teaming up with an American sports icon.

"I thought we were good together," Brees bemoans, and we sorta feel bad for the poor guy, since he got such a lukewarm reaction from the 'Live While We're Young' hitmakers.

He clearly can't make a dent with the boys of 1D. Probably because they prefer European football, aka soccer.

The full commercial will air on Oct. 10 during the broadcast of 'X Factor.' The soft drink maker is a sponsor of the show, and the British version of the program is where the 1D boys got their liftoff, and therein lies the relationship.