Directioners, a new track off of One Direction's 'Four' is here -- and it's all thanks to you!

In order for the band to release a never-before-heard song on their highly anticipated upcoming album, they drove their millions of loyal fans to retweet, comment and reblog -- and of course Directioners were up to the task, following 1D's instructions and ultimately unlocking 'Ready to Run,' which you can feast your ears on in the player above (and download on iTunes -- by pre-ordering 'Four -- here!)

"This time I'm ready to run / Wherever you are is the place I belong," the guys belt out on the chorus of the upbeat, anthemic song. "'Cause I wanna be free and I wanna be yours / I'll never look back, now, I'm ready to run."

While the track has only been available for, oh, maybe a few hours at most, the fandom has already come up with a concept for the music video:

With all of the hype surrounding 1D's forthcoming album, there are bound to be rumors that the band will split after its release -- rumors, which, of course, they shot down in a recent interview.

"We potentially might take more time on this record, so that's why they might think we're taking a break," Louis explained. "We just want to take a little more time."

"Writing's a little bit like a break sometimes, when you just get to sit and write songs," Liam added.

"Don't say that, Liam," Harry jokingly warned. "We won't get any holidays!"

But when all is said and done, how do the guys want One Direction to be remembered?

"That we didn't take ourselves too seriously," Louis said. "That we're loving it -- which we are!"

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