Following the success of their moving videos and charity single, One Direction took the stage on Red Nose Day to perform and give a brief interview -- and the boys delivered!

The band have taken a hands on approach to their Red Nose Day contributions. Not only did they record their Blondie cover, 'One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks),' for the cause, but they also traveled to Ghana to get their hands dirty -- literally and figuratively -- to support the charity.

Following their rollicking performance of the track, Liam Payne (with his once-shaved head now growing out to a fierce borderline mohawk style) expressed his gratitude for the success of the single.

A hostess put poor Harry Styles on the spot to deliver a message to fans. Appearing slightly flustered, Hazza, adorable as always, stammered, "If you're a fan of us -- or if you're not -- just donate everything that you can." As his bandmates picked confetti out of his hair, he added, "It's very important."

Watch One Direction's Red Nose Day Interview