One Direction make everything fun, and they continued on their silly spree with their latest Nabisco shoot. The boys take Directioners behind the scenes in a new series of hilarious videos, in which we get to hear their banter and see them goof off -- as well as confess their most humiliating moments!

"We get the occasional day off, which is nice to recharge," Louis Tomlinson said.

Harry Styles added, "Every day recently has been hectic. We've been pretty busy recently. On days off I would usually snack on Nabisco snacks -- any of them really, anything Nabisco is me, all over," he said, tossing in a product plug. (These boys know how to sell!) He continued, "You miss friends and family more than home itself I think. I remember last time we went on tour, I started planning lots of stuff for my friends and I had to wait all the time until I got back ... and then I forgot what we were going to do."

Still, the band loves traveling. "We get to see so many amazing places," Styles gushed. Liam Payne added, "I really enjoyed going on tour in Australia last year. I'm looking forward to going back, purely for the surfing and the Australian weather." Tomlinson concurred with Payne, while Zayn Malik preferred Los Angeles. Niall Horan loves New York, while Styles' favorite place is Japan.

In another behind-the-scenes look at the group's ad campaign, we see the band getting primped and goofing around in front of a green screen. As for their embarrassing moments? Find out who tripped over an Oreo, whose pants ripped open, who messes up their stage timing and more in the clips below!

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