One Direction's video for 'Kiss You' isn't slated to debut until the top of 2013 -- on Jan. 7, to be exact. But the boys keep teasing about the scope of the silly clip. In the immortal words of 1Der Louis Tomlinson, who celebrates his birthday today (Dec. 24), the video is "pure stupidity."

That's what LT told MTV News at the 'X Factor' finale, where the boys performed the song.

Pure stupidity? Who cares. We'll take it, since anything featuring 1D is amazeballs to the nth degree.

The group released some silly tidbit teasers from the video, but they are further dropping hints about the nature of things.

Liam Payne weighed in, in much more, uh, "positive" terms, saying, "Yes, loads of fun. Stupid dancing, loads of different locations and lots of fun."

Fun and stupid dancing. We're sensing a theme here, guys! Styles said that the video is "our favorite one that we've done so far." Tomlinson labeled it "great."

The video boasts Zayn Malik and Styles riding a motorcycle with Payne seated sidecar. That's a trio that most Directioners would like to find themselves sandwiched between. There are also some 'Zoolander' impressions. There's a 'Jailhouse Rock' set up, as well.

"I think the whole concept behind the video is bigger than anything we've done before," Malik said back in November. "It's a whole idea and it's kind of structured, which is a little bit different than what we've done before in like a comedy way. It's really funny. We are just having fun."

Even though the boys have chalked the final product up to silly bidness, they made sure to point out that a lot of people put time and effort into it, with Payne saying, "There were proper sets and everything for this video, and there was a lot of hard work that went into it with the crew and everything." How diplomatic.

Let the stupidity commence!

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