By now, you've heard that a fan tossed a shoe at One Direction's Harry Styles during the band's Glasgow performance, hitting the singer in the crotch and sending him to the ground in pain. (We're sure Taylor Swift got a kick out of that.)

As it turns out, the thrower is a Directioner who just wanted Hazza to touch something that belonged to her.

She'll never wear those shoes again, as they touched Hazza in more ways than one. And yes, she did get her kicks -- a pair of blue vans -- back. We hope she puts them in a safe place, since she and Harry went through quite a bit with these shoes.

The thrower, Jade Anderson, a high schooler from East Kilbride, didn't think she would cause her idol any pain or send the show to a grinding halt, since Styles, uh, walked it off. Anderson was booted from the venue for her action but Styles and Niall Horan told security to let her back in. Harry, his family jewels and bandmates don't hold a grudge.

"I just wanted him to touch something belonging to me," Anderson confessed. “I didn’t mean to him him where I hit him, I’m really embarrassed.” It's ironic where the shoe touched him, isn't it?

Jade Anderson will be forever known as the Directioner who smashed Harry Styles in the nuts. A dubious honor, indeed.

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