First things first. The blunt bangs-wearing model in One Direction's swoon-inducing feature in the December issue of Vogue U.K. is Edie Campbell.

She wasn't a fan of the band before this professional association and even said that they were a band that her little sister's friends dig. Now for the important stuff – how stylish and chic do the 1D boys look in both suits and varsity jackets in these Patrick Demarchelier-shot images?

Demarchelier is one of the most famous fashion photogs ever, and he really captured the boys' handsomeness in these candid, black and white shots. Campbell is just added eye candy.

But don't be all hatin' on her. She did say (quotes courtesy of ONTD!) that after working we then, she founds 1D to be "such sweet, nice boys and incredibly enthusiastic. They wanted to be famous and now that they are famous, you get the impression that they still love it, which is really nice to see."

She also said that only hottie Harry Styles spoke to her and the rest of the boys were somewhat quiet at the shoot.

Now, for the Vogue feature, it's intimated that Mr. Styles gets the most female attention in the group, but he's not yet fully processed his role as a sex symbol. "You're never going to get used to walking into a room and have people screaming at you," Styles said. "There's a lot of things that come with the life you could get lost in. But you have to let it be what it is. I've learnt not to take everything too seriously."

So Harry is very mature when dealing with his newfound fame. He also seems to be the most stylish of the bunch, and not just because he has the word "style" in his name. He stated, "I like fashion. When I look back at the kind of stuff I wore on the X Factor, I laugh. There’s no excuse."

Somehow, Harry, we don't think Directioners minded your earlier fashion sense, or lack thereof.

Styles also spoke about the goals they had when they made 'Take Me Home.' He said, "We want to gradually get more and more 'live' sounding. So this album is a lot less little synth sounds, more guitars and drums. It’s important to experiment with things – we want to move with the times, but keep true to ourselves."

Since this 1D post is so Harry-centric, let's watch his teaser for 'Little Things.' There is one day to go until the video premieres (Nov. 2) and the boys launched a creative countdown with teasers that lead up to the premiere and focused on each member. Styles is wearing flannel, smiling and tapping on the drums in his clip.

If that doesn't make your knees buckle, then keep staring at the rest of the Vogue U.K. photos.

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Watch Harry Styles in the 'Little Things' Teaser