If you planned on snagging a Christmas gift for any of the One Direction lads, listen up! They're revealing their favorite gifts ever, along with a lot more fun facts, in a new interview.

When Liam Payne asked if they'd rather be ninjas or pirates, the answers were unanimous: They'd all rather be ninjas. Even Harry Styles, who seemed to feel a little guilty about not picking pirates, agreed. Can you picture them in all black ensembles rocking nunchucks? We sort of need to see this. Like right now. (We do get a preview when Louis Tomlinson busts out some poses.)

When asked if he would shave his hair off for charity, Harry was equally diplomatic. "If it raised enough money for charity, yeah," he said. That's a big deal, considering his coif is his trademark trait (other than those dimples and green eyes). "For children in need!" That sound you just heard was a million girls swooning.

What do the boys do when they're bored? "I just sit around, watch TV and play the guitar," Niall Horan said. "Ah, so you strum?" Zayn chirped, eliciting weird looks and chuckles all around.

As for their favorite Christmas gifts ever? Harry's was a Spider-Man car from when he was only four years old (seriously, stop being so cute), while Louis says, "You can't beat FIFA!" Despite Harry's love for his Spider-Man car, though, if he had his pick, he'd be a different superhero -- and comic book fan Zayn had a "quirky" choice. Tune in and find out who it is!