Those One Direction boys are not merely cute and talented. They are also kind. The boys sent flowers and sympathy cards to the family of a teen who was murdered. The young girl had geographical ties to the band, hence their gesture of kindness.

Casey Kearney, 13, who grew up in Doncaster, which is the same region that 1D member Louis Tomlinson is from, was randomly stabbed by a released psychiatric patient named Hannah Bonser in a park this past February.

The boys sent a bouquet to her family, accompanied by a note that read: "Thinking of all of Casey’s family at this sad time. With Love, Louis (Doncaster boy) and all of One Direction, Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn." How utterly sweet of them.

Kearney's mother Kerry Day was touched by the gesture and outreach on 1D's part, telling The Sun, "It was amazing they took the trouble to send a card. It was a real kindness."

In case you are curious, the young girl's attacker just received a life sentence for her actions.

No wonder 1D have won the hearts of fans the world over. Forget the smooth dance moves, cute faces and pretty voices. It's their hearts of gold that truly shine.

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